4 Things to Consider when Buying a New Construction Home

What words comes to mind when thinking about a new construction home? If you said to yourself, “pristine condition and move in ready,” you would probably be right, but just because a house is newly built doesn’t mean it is flawless. There are a few factors that could actually make your brand new home a less than ideal purchase. So, before you close on that new construction home here are some things to consider.

1. The Builder’s Reputation

One way to reduce the risk of buying a low-quality build is researching the builder thoroughly. For example, is this builder known for taking shortcuts? Does this builder have a reputation for not paying their subcontractors and suppliers on time? When doing your investigation, you can learn a lot about a builder and how they operate by looking at their overall reviews as well as their rating with the Better Business Bureau.

2. Upgrades and Design Options

Most builders have a variety of different design options and upgrades. Features such as: countertops, flooring, tile and more. It is wise to avoid the temptation of upgrading every feature in the home, unless you want to find yourself way off budget. Oftentimes it is better to stick with the standard features and add upgrades at the end if your budget permits.

3. A Warranty

With a new construction property, you should not expect any major issues to occur, but as we said before no property is perfect and things do happen, so making sure you have a good warranty in place will reduce a lot of headaches later on. Most builders do have a customer care program, a five-year warranty and a longer structural warranty in place, but for peace of mind make sure you know exactly what your warranty is and when it expires.

4. Hire a New Construction Real Estate Agent

Building your dream home is probably one of the largest investments you will ever make. By hiring a new construction real estate agent, you have an advocate on your side. This person will help you navigate the new construction process, negotiate deals with the builder, as well as help keep your project on track from start to finish.

Still have question regarding the new construction process? Need help locating a New Construction agent in your area? Our certified new construction specialists will be happy to assist you at no cost to you.