The Role a Real Estate Agent Plays During Your New Construction Process.

Buying a new construction home can be more complex than dealing with a traditional real estate transaction, and for that, you would be wise to have a professional by your side. You’ll need to navigate the fine print of builder contracts, resist unnecessary overpriced upgrades, and ensure that your home stays on budget, on-time, and includes a constant stream of useful communication during the process.

A common mistake that many individuals make is solely relying on the builder’s sales consultant to ensure satisfaction. Although they are a necessary and reliable resource, they are ultimately representing the builder and will have the builder’s best interest in mind. What most home shoppers are unaware of, is when you hire a real estate agent to navigate the new construction process, the builder pays the agent’s commission. PRO TIP…make sure your real estate agent accompanies you at the sales center when you shop new construction homes. If you don’t include your agent at that time, you could end up waiving your right to having a professional in your corner.

Instead, you should look for a real estate agent that specializes in new construction home building before approaching any builders. This agent delivers key knowledge such as knowing the cost of new construction, builder competition, and the going rate for different construction projects. They will guide you through the entire building process, from first visit to the delivery of your keys at closing. They have an in-depth knowledge of each step of the construction process and will be your eyes and ears during your new build journey. A BuilderPro construction specialist will communicate with you regularly, sending photos of your new home during construction, including a fly over drone video. Bottom line, they will be your new construction advocate from start to finish, at no cost to you.

Once the builder, home-site, and details for your home are determined, you will be presented with the builder’s contract. This is generally written to benefit the builder more than the buyer. However, a buyer’s agent will comb through all the fine print to ensure warranties are fair and escalation clauses are within reason. In addition, all of the options that are selected will be reviewed and verified to ensure you remain within your budget.

After the contract is finalized, the building process begins. Your construction specialist will accompany you during scheduled walk-through visits to ensure expectations are being satisfied. In between visits, your specialist will communicate with you and send updates and photos along the way. Upon completion, you will be accompanied by your BuilderPro construction specialist at the final walk through before closing to ensure your new home is built to your satisfaction.

As you can see, having a BuilderPro certified construction specialist by your side during the build process can save you time, money and aggravation. To locate certified specialist in your area, reach out to BuilderPro Consulting by phone or email. Our real estate agents are certified in the new construction process and are committed to providing exemplary customer service and representation throughout the entire build process at no cost to the customer.

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